Jen’s Review of Fanny Saved the Day.

Fanny Saved the Day By Nalini Raghunandan & Frances Espanol

Posted bypicturebooks4learningFebruary 20, 2020Posted inDog stories

Back of Book:
From the celebrated author of Fanny, the Champ-the story of a heroic dog keeping the children in his village safe-comes another canine caper: Fanny Saved the Day. Fanny and the new schnauzer sidekick Pépita check out the village fair where quick thinking and a heroic act continue to change the lives of those around them. Full of brilliant and lively illustrations, it’s an adventure not to be missed!
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Nalini Raghunandan in exchange for an honest review.
Many of us have fond memories of visiting our local fairs, circuses, and carnivals as children; experiencing the vibrant colors, delicious food, exciting sounds, and perhaps screaming a bit too loud on the roller coaster. “Franny Saved the Day” by Nalini Raghunandan brought me right back to these magical childhood days of spending time with family. The illustrations are vibrant and colorful. The story is fun and nostalgic, and America’s melting pot of global cultures is greatly represented. Frances Espanol did a terrific job of showcasing different food, clothing, and dances. Of course, we can’t forget about Fanny, the fun family dog who faced a dangerous situation and bravely saved the in a way that can only come from man’s best friend. This is a fun story that filled with concepts that all children can learn including courage, friendship, and safety.
I think that this story makes from a fun read-aloud that children will enjoy every time they hear it.
Ages 4 and up
32 Pages