Second Series is with the Publisher!

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I mentioned about my Children’s Story Book Series. As many of you have known that my first book Fanny the Champ was published on March-2017 and is available at amazon.

The second series is with the publisher. The NAME of this book will be revealed at a later date. The manuscript is completed. I am working on the illustrations process which is very time consuming.

The story is multicultural and beautiful. I will leave you with this quote  by Frank Serafini

There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”

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I have dreamt of writing a children’s book that crosses ethnic and cultural boundaries, unaffected by borders. On March-27-2017, I have finally realized that dream with the first book in an early reader series, Fanny the Champ, the story of a spirited dog who lives in a fishing village, and the series of events that led to him obtaining his most heroic title. I was born in Skeldon, Guyana. Before moving into telecommunications, I worked as a school teacher for 15 years – both in Guyana and Jamaica – where I developed a passion for spreading the love of literacy and cultural diversity. Married with 2 beautiful daughters.

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